Close Mesh Lorry Cover – 3m x 2m (10ft x 6ft 5′)

£56.40 inc VAT


Product Information

Constructed with Heavy Duty Black Closed Mesh for added durability, these covers are equipped with reinforced edge banding and eyelets positioned at 500mm intervals on all four edges.

The package includes an 8mm bungee cord to effectively secure the load in place. Available in various sizes, these mesh covers serve as an effective solution to prevent the dispersal of sand, gravel, and similar small particles. Crafted from UV-resistant, air-permeable fabric, the covers feature reinforced edging and lashing eyes every 0.50m, ensuring they remain stable even in strong winds or during container movement.

Utilizing nets for load securing:

Unsecured or inadequately secured loads represent an ongoing cause of serious road accidents. A significant risk arises from high loads obstructing traffic behind, potentially leading to accidents.

Consequently, the primary objective of the requirement for appropriately securing road vehicle loads during transportation is to ensure the safety of all road users. Beyond safeguarding road users, it is imperative to protect the load itself from loss, damage, and destruction.

While overarching regulations such as the Highway Code and accident prevention guidelines stipulate the obligation to secure loads, they lack specific details. This complexity makes it challenging for responsible vehicle drivers to choose the most suitable load-securing methods.

For precise instructions in such cases, one can primarily turn to technical regulations such as VDI 2700 ff. and VDI 3968, which provide detailed guidance on load-securing methods.

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