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Global Workwear founded in 2019. We are an online company who supply high visibility clothing to the UK. We supply numerous people and companies with a wide range of sizes and can be personalised to your needs at competitive prices.

Global Workwear Ltd is unique in its own way that it can easily service any account from the largest contractor to the sole trader every customer is important to us.

With experience passed down through generations, the company has gained a thorough understanding of safety clothing. From the exact fabric and materials required for high quality production to the rigorous demands which need to be met for the ultimate wearer. The company has been at the forefront of technical and design development in the safety clothing industry.


Guiding Values

Quality comes first – To achieve customer satisfaction the quality of our products and services is our number one priority. Suppliers are our partners – The Company must maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. 

Reliability is never compromised – The conduct of our company must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and for its positive input socially.


Global Workwear Ltd supply high quality PPE to companies and individuals throughout the United Kingdom. Wherever you are based we can service you. Our store is also coming soon which will be announced shortly.



Global Workwear has been keeping workers safe and comfortable for some time – building a reputation as one of Europe’s leading workwear and protective clothing suppliers.  

We are a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality, functional workwear, protective clothing and specialist PPE.

By combining our knowledge and experience across different sectors, you can trust us to offer you the best protective workwear available – whether it’s for just one jacket or to equip your entire workforce.


  • We believe in Trust. Protection. Innovation.
  • We operate to the highest standards
  • We work with the best suppliers
  • Our ‘IT’ is state-of-the-art
  • We have an in-house embroidery and badging facility
  • We have fully scalable manufacturing capabilities
  • We have a dedicated customer service team

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