Open Mesh Heavy Duty Cargo Net, 18ft x 12ft (5.5m x 3.7m)

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Introducing our Heavy-Duty Cargo Net, meticulously crafted from high-tenacity polypropylene to ensure unmatched strength and durability. Engineered for versatility, this adaptable net boasts a reinforced border and tie cords, enhancing its reliability for a wide array of applications. Designed to accommodate dimensions up to those specified, it offers seamless adjustability, effortlessly conforming to smaller dimensions as per your requirements. Whether you’re securing loads on a truck bed, trailer, or cargo hold, rely on this dependable and flexible cargo net to simplify the task with ease and efficiency.

Chemical Properties

Elongation: Polypropylene multifilament commercially shows an elongation at break within the 20 to 30% range.

Effects of Moisture: Polypropylene, as a paraffin hydrocarbon, remains impervious to water absorption. Moisture does not affect the tensile strength or other mechanical properties of the net.

Effect of Temperature: Polypropylene retains flexibility at temperatures up to 70°C or lower.

Softening Point: The softening point of polypropylene fibers is around 150°C, with melting occurring between 160 – 170°C. These temperature points are influenced by the polymer’s nature and crystallinity during post-spinning treatment.

Effect of Sunlight: Polypropylene is susceptible to atmospheric oxygen, and sunlight accelerates this reaction. Exposure to light can result in the deterioration of polypropylene fibers, although the inclusion of inhibitors within the product can help mitigate this.


Acids: Exhibits excellent resistance
Alkalis: Demonstrates excellent resistance

Benefit from the exceptional chemical resistance of polypropylene, which remains inert to a broad spectrum of chemicals. Its high crystallinity reinforces its resilience against substances that could potentially degrade olefin fibers. Trust in the chemical stability of our polypropylene multifilament for a myriad of applications where durability and resistance to chemical degradation are paramount.

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18ft x 12ft / 5.5m x 3.7m