Open Mesh Lorry Net – 15ft x 9ft (4.6m x 2.7m)

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Product Information

Heavy-duty construction ensures longevity.

Designed for safely transporting and covering goods on the rear of vehicles. The flexibility of the Lorry Net allows it to adapt to different load shapes and compensate for volume changes. Equipped with reinforced border rope and tie cords, our Lorry Net ensures a secure and snug fit, providing peace of mind during transit. Constructed from high-tenacity polypropylene, it is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of transporting laden skips with ease. Each net features a secure selvedge edge, adding an extra layer of stability and safety. Trust in the resilience and functionality of our Lorry Net for your transportation needs, offering both strength and peace of mind on the road.

Made of high-tenacity polypropylene, designed for safely transporting or covering laden skips. All nets have a secure selvedge edge.

Using nets to secure loads:

Inadequately secured or unsecured loads pose a persistent risk, contributing to serious road accidents. Among the most concerning dangers is the obstruction caused by high loads, leading to potential collisions. Therefore, the paramount objective of mandating proper load securing for road vehicles is to safeguard all road users.

Moreover, it’s imperative to shield the load itself from potential loss, damage, or destruction during transportation. While regulatory frameworks like the Highway Code and general accident prevention guidelines emphasize the necessity of load securing, they often lack detailed specifications. Consequently, responsible vehicle operators face challenges in selecting the most appropriate methods for securing their loads.

For precise guidance, technical regulations such as VDI 2700 ff. and VDI 3968 serve as invaluable resources, offering comprehensive instructions on load securing techniques.