Portwest Portwest Slim Ear Muff (PS48)

£5.99 inc VAT

Product Information

Foldable low level attenuation ear muffs suitable for low level noise workplaces.

The ultra slim earmuffs ensure a soft and lightweight fit which envelopes the ears keeping them safe and protected.

  • Adjustable length
  • Retail bag
  • Vending ready
  • Ultra light and compact ear muff
  • Folds to palm size
  • Adjustable dual pin system
  • Ultra slim cups

Ear Muffs

Portwest Hearing protection range includes PPE with different level sound attenuation, to be adapted to various working environments giving the correct protection from dangerous noise, without isolating the workers. New models and colours for earmuffs allow a personalised choice. An updated range of earplugs complete our competitive and performing offer.

Hearing Protection

Hearing problems occur when you are exposed to hazardous working conditions without wearing the correct protective equipment


EN 352-1 (SNR 22dB)



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